92 VX vtec pressure code 22 HELP!!


Head was replaced with same code head (P07-1), new cradle, old cam.
Now I get code 22 when about 3k rpm, and when this light is on the Shift Indicator light will not indicate when to shift. Seems to be related somehow.
When restart the car both problems are gone until hit 3000 rpm again.

Vtec solenoid clicks when connected directly to battery power. So this doesnt seem to be the problem.
both vtec screens are clear of blockage.
Vtec sensor (code 22) I replaced with a new one, but still had the same problem. So i put old one back on.
New mechanic says oil pressure doesnt go above 10 psi when tested at 1k,3k 5k rpm.

This engine doesnt have the o-ring under the cradle where some engines have an o-ring for vtec passage.
I would attach picture of the orifice that is on the top of the head between cradle where oil is supposed to go but cant attach pictures to this posting ??
The hole is clean, no oil, and a friend told me that the hole has threads to screw something into it and pull it out. I guess there might be some kind of valve at the other end ??
What could the previous mechanic done to cause this problem?
Wrong head gasket set, resulting in vtech oil passage blockage??
He is 10 hours drive away, so I aint bringing it back to him.

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You might have answered your own suspisions...