93 DX hatch diagnosing acceleration lag/stumble from low to high speed


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I'm trying to diagnose my acceleration lag from low speeds/stopped to high speed no issues at high speed. From a stop if I try to get up to speed quickly the engine will start off fine then as I get to speed where it should shift up to second gear(automatic) the engine just revs more until let off the throttle a bit then go back to accelerating which at that point it'll shift and be fine. Not sure if it's related but the down shift from second to first is quite rough like the car lunges back when i first got the car it was real bad like I was afraidI'd get rear ended because of it. I changed the ATF fluid with Honda genuine ATF and now that down shift isn't nearly as bad but it's still quite noticeable. Also i'm pretty sure who ever filled the transmission before I got the car which would have been pre 2009, that is it when it started over heating and grandpa didn't want to fix so it just sat there, used motor oil cause what I drained out looked, and smelt exactly like used motor oil. Anyone know if this could be something simple like a bad/faulty sensor that's not triggering the check engine light, or the transmission going bad, or possibly the throttle body sticking? It was also using its original fuel filter still when I got it.
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