93 EG Hatch with B20B and LS Transmission - Daily Driver/Build


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Just bought this monster a week ago. It needs a lot of love. As soon as I got it home (from Ontario to NB) I cleaned the heck out of it. The back seat was disgusting and there was a ton of disgusting grot under the seats(Such as a completely black shriveled banana peel). Next I brought it to get inspected to find out it needs some body work to pass as well as some small misc things like, rear wiper motor, hood release cable, and tie rod boots. All in all after the new parts come in and the body work is finished the car will be about $3500ish(too much?!) including purchase price.

The plan from here is to raise it a little bit(about 2 inches, it already has yonaka coils) because its literally dragging on the ground(currently waiting for the coil wrenches to come in). I cant really do anything until I can raise it a bit. Give it a fresh coat of paint. Its also got a small oil leak(just need a new cap) and an exhaust leak(manifold cracked, pretty sure this happened on the drive home when I smashed the engine against teh ground going over a huge bump) that I need to fix. Probably should replace the whole down pipe/resonator situation because its been dragged along the ground for who knows how long. I am also going to do a full service on it, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant etc. It needs the cables for the gas cap and trunk fixed also(which I grabbed out of a parts car(2000 SI) that I have).

Eventually I also want to do a tune, mostly on the lower end, because at low RPM the engine isn't getting what it needs. Might have to check the throttle position sensor/MAP sensor and injectors. For now it runs good enough to drive.

There is a lot of stuff I have planned for this awesome car that I will be posting in this thread as I do it.

I think I covered everything so far, Without further adieu, pictures! engine.jpg DSC_0141.JPG DSC_0139.JPG
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nice man good luck with it