94 Civic 4 door slow build

So I just recently picked up a 94 civic lx with 188,000 for $600,

When I picked it up i had to replace the water pump, timing belt, head gasket, and dizzy my plans on this car are up in the air at the moment due to winter approaching and debating on what id like to do if I stay all motor im going K-series if i go boost im going GSR. But current add ons to the car is Drop zone gen 2s with skunk 2 springs, Front lip, JDM sport front and rear camber kit. also in picking up some gsr fat fives in the next week or two def in dire need of some fresh wheels....

and the only bads are a few dents in the pass. side fender, and some rust over the pass. side rear wheel well...

let me know what you guys think im open to positive and negative opinions no offense will be taken


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....But welcome to ClubCivic! can't see any pics, idk if there is supposed to be some up there or not....?


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Welcome to the site
Thanks guys just picked up a set of wheels for cheap the need a lil help but def beats steelis

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I honestly never liked sedans u.til it became more convienient than a 2 dr when I always had more than one other person with me now I just love it

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@MrDaggs yes there are a few pictures up there it must be where I uploaded them from maybe, is anyobe else having problems viewing

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nope pics come threw great on this end
Awesome and today just traded the knock off rs wheels for what I really wanted some teg fat fives pics up later

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Thats just paint on the quarter to cover rust until I can get the supplies to get it fixed, I had planned on leaving the wheels this color they actually look pretty good in person, but I know every one has an opinion. Thanks for alll the input, more to come justt started work again so got the cash flow back

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It's amazing how different a drop and wheels make a car look.

Great start! :thumbs up
Welcome and Holy Sh*t I think those wheels burnt my retinas,lol jk keep up the work on it.
Alot of plans instore for the car ill keep you all posted tax time will be all the motor work got my exhaust coming in next week and trying to pick up a set of suspension techniques sway bars off my buddy soon

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