94 ex rough idle please helpp

Ok I have a 1994 Civic Ex with stock D16z6 automatic I just bought and im having problems with idle. When its sitting at a red light or in park it idles really rough with a kinda miss to it and veryy sluggish take offs but after you get it up to speed at over 2500 rpms it does fine and clears out. It has a new: Diz cap and button, plugs gapped right and new wires, fuel filter. car is bone stock to. Also its throwing code for front O2 sensor but i wasnt sure if it could make it run so rough. Anyone that can help I would really appriecate it.
Change that 02 sensor I have drive a 95 with a z6 and mine was idling like crap when my 02 was bad if that dont help check timing


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A bad primary O2 sensor will make your car run like crap. Change it anyways.

After that if it still idles rough, try adjusting the idle.

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