94 Honda civic lx no power to fuel pump


The MAP sensor connector has only 3 wires. It's generally located atop the throttle body, though I think the 92-93 D15B7 engine had the map sensor on the firewall.


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Buy a replacement ECU.
Huh. Wish I'd thought of that advice.
Just kidding, RonJ. I commend you for taking the time to walk him through all the diagnostic steps. It really COULD have been something else.


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So the guy I bought the car from said the engine was swapped out, so how do I find out what engine it has?


It would be wise to post the head and block codes stamped on your engine. I think both codes can be found on the side of the engine facing the radiator. Post pictures.

The colors of the MAP sensor wires tell you that the wire harness is for either the D15B8, D15Z1, or D16Z6 engine.


That's^ the block code. People also swap heads, so knowing the head code will tell you whether the head matches the block.

It may also help to post pictures of your engine.


ok so not sure how to post pics
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