94 honda civic not starting

I was delivering pizzas one day stopped came back to my car and it wouldn't start. I checked fuel wasn't getting any checked spark nothing. I checked my ecu ground cleaned it and put it back still nothing. Fuel pump isn't priming but when i jumped it it turns on.Also my ignition fuse was blown not sure if that's relevant with any other issue or not. I've checked all the fuses/grounds.Brand new main relay and different ecu still nothing.Could it possibly by my ignition not sending any power to my accessories?Also my check engine light stays on even after the key is on the on position also when i try to jump the harness to get a code its also a steady on. Please let me know what you guys think... thank you.:x
My 98 hx would start and then die IMMEDIANTELY. The month before it would randomly die when driving kind of scary!!!

Turns out it was the ignition switch.
it can be anything from the ignition coil not sending the spark and also a fuse may have blown and also your fuel pump may be shot to s**t (for lack of better word) i work on cars and i have had this proplem. just check the sending unit to your fuel pump to see if you are getting the power to it if nothing comes than you have a fault in the wireing


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it cant be that hard to figure out why your cars not starting, there is only 3 things that your car needs to run. 1. Air, unless your intake is plugged then you have air. 2. fuel, if your fuel pump is not priming or running as soon as the car starts up its that. It could possibly be a plugged fuel line but that hardly ever happens. If you have not already done so take the seat out of your car until you can see the top of the fuel pump where the wires go in. have a friend sit in the drivers seat while you have a volt o meter hooked up to the power wire going to the fuel pump when he turns the key to run you should hear the pump prime and you should get a 12 volt reading from the wire, when you try and start the wire you should also get a steady 12 volts. If you dont it might be a fuse or a short somewhere. If you get 12 volts and no fuel prime it could be your ground. This happened to me in my truck, it was a pain in the ass and i spent money that didnt need to be spent on sensors and a new fuel pump just to find out it was a ground. Check the ground by poking your black needle on your volt o meter to the ground to the fuel pump and the red one poked into the power wire to the fuel pump. have your friend turn it to run and see if you get 12 volts, if you don't take the black needle out and put it on the car frame (make sure to scrape off the paint if there is some) and repeat the test again. if you get a steady 12 volts with this then its your ground, make a new ground somewhere and its fixed. Now #3 is spark. First off start off with the cheapest things because those are easiest to check and above all their a cheap fix! try your spark plugs first. Take out one spark plug at a time, say you take out spark plug in cylinder 1. have your friend turn over your car while you hold the spark plug to the valve cover(doing this at night really helps because you can see the spark better.) while your friend turns the car over see if there is a spark if there is then its either fuel or air. if there isn't in all 4 cylinders then move to the next thing the wires, if there is spark in some but not spark in 1 cylinder then it is the wire that goes to the cylinder. anyways, go buy a spark plug tester and take out your spark plug wires one at a time and plug in the spark plug tester in the distributor cap one at a time and see if the light bulb lights up as your friend turns over your car, if it does then its your wires, or your plugs. It rarely happens but if all 4 wires or plugs go out at the same time then your car wont start. If the light doesn't light up then power isn't leaving your dizzy or its not getting to your dizzy. So next things next, see if power is getting to your dizzy by unplugging it from the harness, put your volt o meter (make sure its on D/C current btw (direct current)) the red needle to the thick power wire going to the dizzy and the black needle to a ground. turn the car to run and you should get a steady 12 volts, if you dont it could be a fuse. if you get a steady 12 volts then its your dizzy and you need to replace it. You should also see if its the dizzy's ground by repeating the test i just described (similar to the fuel pump test) put the red needle in the power wire and the black needle in the ground wire. If you dont get 12 volts like this and you get 12 volts when you put the black needle on the frame then its the dizzys ground. ok if you dont get voltage to th dizzy here it could be a short somewhere and from here is where it gets complicated. tell me if it still doesnt start after trying all these tests, these are fairly simple ones. hope this helps buddy.

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