96 civic starting questions

im bout to pull my hair out. my hatch has been giving me problems since day 1. problem is it acts like my battery is dead but the battery is good. I took it off my mini before we traded. i try to crank it and it turns over real slow and starts clicking. its not my alternator because i can pull the battery and leave it running with all the lights on and it runs fine.ive got a big battery out of my truck snd its been relocated to my hatch, but what gets me is he took a slim battery off his wifes ek and put it in and it started fine. but my battery has never gave me any problems. what else could it be?i know people are prolly gonna laugh when they read this and just tell me its my battery but the wiring is rigged in the whole car so i didnt know if it could be any thing else.


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So it works when a different battery is in the car? Why don't you try a different battery then?


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The battery off of your Mini(I'm guessing a mini cooper?) probably has a lower CCA rating than a standard Civic battery, its not providing enough current. That would explain everything.

You can't just use a random battery, it has to be the right size and rating for your car to work properly.

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