96 EK Hatch with GSR swap, Need Axle HELP!!!


i have a 96 civic cx with a B18C1 Motor/Trans swap. The car runs perfectly but with my excess lowering to the car, i ended up prematurely wearing out the axles. originally the car has GSR Axles from the donor car on the Civic wheel knuckles. The replacements i got fit on the driver side but not the passenger side of the wheel knuckle!!! At this point I'm not entirely sure on what i need to do, if i need to swap wheel knuckles or i need a different set of axles?? Any help and tips will be very appreciated thank you!!!!


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Raise the car up to appropriate levels so you don't wear on axles.
Axles aren't meant to wear excessively, so in the long run, you'd be saving money.

Sounds like you may not have the right parts?
If it swapped once, it should swap over again.