98 DX Making progress

Wanted to make a thread that I could update anytime I decided to add to my project/daily driver.
I've previously introduced myself, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, I am driving a good ol' 1998 Honda Civic DX model.

I haven't done anything to serious to the vehicle yet, seeing as I'll have to drive it everyday soon while I go back to school.

So far, I've cleaned up a lot of thing tried to solve some basic issues (water leaks, interior accessories that were no longer working, etc) with the vehicle; it was previously an automatic last week but I sourced out all my parts and switched her for somewhere around $400.00 CDN.
Drives better than it did before, haven't had any issues with it thus far. Definitely satisfied with the results.

Note: The shift knob is 3d printed, pretty neat little addition.

Nothing highly interesting at this point in time, but hopefully I'll come to a decision on what I want to do engine wise (or swap) and can start to prepare myself for the next steps.

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