98 Man civic runs better with full tank?


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Hi, I am just loving driving my tired, but fun 98 civic. Unfortunately compression is only 120,170,120,170 but if you "baby" the pedal It will go 110..but it's rapped pretty tight at that speed as its originally an auto that's been replaced with a manual trans. I'm thinking the gearing or differential is possibly a little different for auto? Anyway, this car is still getting me to work and back, 50 mile round trip.. It struggles with getting up to speed on the ramp, and has to be down shifted to 4th at even the slightest grade but it's getting it done!
I've noticed that it runs ALOT better on a full tank. I always use non ethenol. As it nears a half tank it starts struggling alot more.. This just doesn't make any sense to me. But that's why I'm on this wonderful forum.. All the great advice on here has restored my faith in humanity to some degree! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!