99 Civic EX Vs Cadillac Fleetwood Vs Buick Roadmaster


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I was out cruising last night around 12 when I pulled up to a light. The cadillac was to the right of me and the buick was to the left of me. I didn't think about it too much....then both reved their motors. I was like..what in the world...so I reved my motor. We waited like 2 minutes for the light...(one of those big intersections) and I was on the seat of my pants...never thought of ever racing either car. The light went green and I gave it all I had...I had a good start...very little wheel spin..and I was running side by side yet starting to edge up on the Buick...and the cadillac had a bad start so he was about a car length behind. Then when I thought I had beat both and was still all the way on it going into 4th...the Cadillac streaked past me...I was like "Holy crap." I gave the guy in the Cadillac thumbs up...it was an older black guy and he smiled. It was a good race....very wierd..and while feeling defeated...those do have 275 horse...and 300 lbs of torque...while being boats. I beat the Buick tho...maybe thats an accomplishment!