99 EX (auto) transmission issue


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Hey all, I’m having an issue with my girls civic. It’s a 99 ex automatic. She was driving home the ther day and was going up a hill. The car started to slow as her foot was on the gas so she of course pressed harder, she said she heard a BOOM and the car lurched forward pretty hard. Now the D4 light is flashing, the speedometer is going haywire, and the car won’t go into 4th, possibly 3rd. I got it home by dropping it into 2nd to start, then going into D3 when I got up to about 35, it does lurch pretty hard. Does anyone know what the possible problem could be? I suck with transmissions it was my worst enemy in school(high school automotive class 10 years ago) so I never tried to learn. Here I am lost in the sauce on what to do with this thing. But she loves the car and refuses to get a newer one. So any help would be GREATLY appreciated...


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Drain the transmission pan and refill. See what comes out. You could have also snapped a drive axle.