'99 Si for sale <81k miles

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Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Trim: Si
Year: 1999
Miles: Less than 81,000
Price: $5800 OBO

First of all, I’m going to be the most honest I can be so here’s what’s up with the car

The Good:
New Tein S-tech springs
New Gabriel shocks
New Header Gasket
New OEM Catalytic Converter
Mint 16” Rota Grid rims in Full Royal Sports Bronze color with almost new 205/50/R16 Kumho Tires.
All of the above has been on the car for 1500 mi or less.
Original miles on the car.
Has 35% Tints
Crossed & Drilled rotors.
1998 Civic cup holder (I still have original)
Has no name intake, header, short shifter and muffler.

The Bad:
Has been in an accident, front right. (Two-tone paint)
Needs o2 sensor (Check engine light is on)
Broken Side mirror GLASS, not the housing.
Pocket for Radio
Missing tweeters
No floormats
May need an outer tie-rod on the left wheel (what mechanic told me)
I do not have the original Si Rims, these are the only ones I have for the car.

I would like to sell the car locally because it's less of a hassle. EDIT:alignment done
Before the sell I will give the car an alignment.If you want to do it yourself I can deduct it from the price of the car. I know that the car has been in an accident and this is why the car is being sold for the asking price.The car is being sold as is so the price is negotiable.PRICE WITH RIMS IS $5800, PRICE WITHOUT RIMS is $5300. If you don’t have the money please don’t waste my time or yours.No low ballers please. My # is 240-286-7636, Name is Jonathan. If I don't pick up just leave a msg.


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if the SI wasnt red id be seriously thinking about grabbing this


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silver spring.
previous owner told me front right but he could have replaced the whole front end.i wasnt in the accident so i dont kno what happened exactly


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thanks guys.i seriously want to get rid of this car for a downpayment, i thought i wanted a integra but i'm more into the wrx scene and would like to buy one.I've decided whoever has 5g's takes it home AS IS,no less,with rims and everything (kills me to lose so much money but we all lose).Vtec works fine, only problem it has mechanically and not cosmetically wise is that it needs a out tie rod.Every other imperfection with the car is stated above, found out recently car has salvage history. anyone interested email me jhon6491@yahoo.com or txt. prefer local only.thanks


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red civics ftmfw!

Civic Stud

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where at in MD?

EDIT: was the WHOLE front messed up? the moldings dont line up on the driver side...so whats wrong with that side...
Looks like the passengers door and fender, hood, left fender, front bumper and left quarter panel were all repainted. The color of the parts are a different shade.
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