A/C not blowing cold


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I have a 2011 Honda civic LX, with the 1.8 4cyl. The A/c stopped blowing cold suddenly. I replaced A/c compressor, dryer, expansion valve, pulled a vacuum and put the recommended .94 lbs of Freon into the car. Before I hooked the compressor up, I blew through the lines with an air chuck to make sure of no blockage. With the recommended amount of Freon, The low pressure is at -5, and the High pressure is at around 30. I put another .5 lb of freon in, and the high pressure goes to 140, and the low to 40. The cab still does not have cold A/c blowing. Any more freon added and the compressor opens the pressure relief valve. I am stuck at this point. Has anyone experienced close to the same problem?


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I hate to aske the obvious, but....

Do you have the knob set to cold and the AC on?


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Also a cheap idea to check, replace the magnetic clutch relay, seriously this is common for the 06-11 civic's, if that goes bad which they do, your a/c won't engage thus not blowing cold air.