AC compressor problem, sensor? please advise


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AC has worked fine for the past 8 months I have owned it, gave it a recharge about 4 or 5 months ago and have had no issues. Last week the air stopped blowing cold, still had freon but compressor would not kick on. My father tapped what appears to be a sensor with the end of a screwdriver and the compressor kicked on and stayed working for a few days, then it stopped again so I repeated what he did and it came back on for a few more days. Now the compressor will not kick on at all so I was wondering if anyone would know what this problem could be or could tell me what/if this is a sensor and if it is what would need replacing,



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Did you look in the manual to see what that part is you were touching with the screwdriver, is it indeed a sensor, if that's the case change it & that might solve your problem, I could take a pic of mine to see if they are any different.

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