AC/Heat Blower not work, ideas?

When I first towed the car home I tested the heat and blower worked fine. All 1 thru 4 turned on and no issues.
I did notice the belt for the AC was missing due to the tension pully missing. So I replaced it and put a new belt on.
Over the past few weeks I have replaced 1/2 the engine, exhaust, intake, and I have cleaned everything....

Now with the car running.... the heat/AC blower does nothing. I have replaced the switch thinking it went bad and still nothing.
I have checked the fuses, etc... and everything seems to be fine. I ran a wire off the black/blue wire to a ground and blower turns on. I have traced wires and cannot find anything loose....

Anyone have any ideas what I can try next?
What car? The blower circuit has two fuses -- in dash and hood fuse boxes.
Check both.

Have you checked the relay?

95 Civic LX

I have checked and replaced both (just for giggles).....

Not the issue. Like I said both wires going to the blower motor are getting power when the car is running....and I was able to ground the black/blue wire to run the blower at high..... if the fuse was blown none of that would work.
Thanks RonJ!

Found the black wire on the back of the switch (ground) was not grounding right. Ran a new wire off it and created a new ground and works great!

Now to wondering if the AC even works........ starting to wonder what I got in to with this car!

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