Adjusting HIDs after a retrofit


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Did a retrofit on my headlights today. But when it came to adjusting them, the cutoff stayed the same. Didn't do anything. Am I missing something? Does anyone know how to set the cutoff in the center like it suppose to be? Thanks.

Cutoff on the passenger side goes down.


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I would just assume that the actual projector glass is slightly crooked. I've never done it myself but congratz. I've been wanted to do a single beam projector retrofit for awhile just never got around to buying parts for it. Just check the placement of the projector glass it may possibly be slight misaligned and goodluck


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This is how I adjusted mine horizontally:

But you can't turn them too much since the H4 adapter plate in the back locks it in place. But they do have a TINY bit of room to turn. Just make sure that locking nut on the back is tight so it holds the place setting.

My cut off wasn't as diagonal as yours so I only had to turn a little bit. So be very careful. If you can't get it horizontal, I would contact TRS.
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definitely crooked projectors. try using some polyurethane glue to make them sit still on the chrome. after you adjusted them of course.