advise plzz


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ok so this one shop has a 2000 EBP EM1 for sale i tlkd to the guy and he doesnt know anything about hondas at all well hes asking 5500 obo the si has been in some kinda of wreck i can tell by the paint its got some after market part I/H/E dc headers and apex msd ignition short shifter its missing its air bags motor runs stong vtec kicks in at the right time clean si wheels and it has 91miles
1/10 body--- 6 motor ----8
now i have a bike 2004 yzf 600 yamaha with only 2.500miles few strackes nothing mayor i paid 5000 for it SHOULD I TRADE IT ??????

every were i lookd am em1 with lot more miles is well over 8Gs

do you guys think is a good deal or not thx


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I wouldn't get it... Potentially has a salvage title and for $5500? Plus you don't know what happened to it. For all you know it's liek that 5th gen hatch that guy on here rolled and then put a new roof on and bent the a-pillar back into place. :scurred:

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