alignment help me !

kk so my ej is on function coilovers..with 15x8 sportmax 501 +15 with no camberkits. my car is pullin to the right alot and the steering wheel shakes when i speed up. ..i recently got an alignment but my car still pulls hard to the right. idk whats wrong with it help plz ! im thinkin its cus i have uneven camber degree.


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How long ago did you lower the car and get the wheels? Notice any uneven tire wear? Sounds like the shop who did the alignment didn't do a very good job. Find a shop who knows what they're doing. You're in Cali? I thought all the good stuff was out there.
everything should be peachy if you just had it alighned....what roads does it pull to the right? if your testing this on back roads or the right lane of a highway it SHOULD pull to the right....roads are sloaped for water run off so you will pull/drift to the right if you are testing your car on these could also have a sticky brake pad that could be making you pull to the right

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