Annoying cold rough start everytime I don't drive for like, 3-4 hours.

I have to go through a cold start every 3-4 hours when I don't drive my car. It's really annoying now ): any suggestions?

When I don't drive it for a few hours i'll have difficulty starting it up. It'll keep cranking and cranking and then when the car finally turns over, i have to give it gas so it doesn't die out. If I don't rev it high enough on the first start, it'll stubble down to like almost 0 Rpms and then i'll have to floor it to give it life. I had just changed my clutch a week and a half ago and it was never like that before.

Check battery and cables. Or have it checked at an auto store.
Mmmm Sunny =) I love your icon. do they charge to get it checked? But i'm pretty sure all my cables are ok... I mean this only does it if I don't drive it for a few hours. So like in the morning.. or after class.


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Lol thanks. Most auto stores won't charge you anything. Because they want to sell you a battery.

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