Anyone know where I can purchase an LSD upgrade?


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#2 - sometimes ppl have them for sale there, but they do tend to be a lot pricier than ebay. If you want something such as a quaife LSD, feel free to pay $900 from Other than that, ebay is legit as far as the ITR LSD, so that'd be my recommendation.


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i've been chewing on this one for a while too. you can buy a quaife LSD for $900-$1000 OR try and get a used honda tranny that has an LSD already for about $1000-$1200. Either way it's a boat load of cash for such an upgrade. I'm still trying to convince my self it is well worth the investment, but there are still a crap load of stuff for $1000 that I can do to my car and get a better return on it. although it annoys the crap out of me each time i go around a turn and feel the wheel spin free under me and I don't even have anything major under the hood.

Dilemma ;)

let me know if you find anything though


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Hey get the lsd...I have a jdm itr swap and at first i had lsd and it was amazing...I loved it then finally one night i blew it...i think i blew the clutches in the lsd or something because when i lift it up it spins one tire one way and the other one the other way and i used to be able to start a burnout in second gear and spin both tires but now it will only spin one after a min but ya a tranny shop said i blew the lsd and s**t..but really it makes a difference when i had it i would cruise on the freeway going about 130 and it would feel like im doing 80 it was a really smooth ride..then i blew it and tried it and it scared the s**t out of me so i wont even try breakin 100 plus i dont have my powersteering hooked up but enough with the bullshit...just get the lsd you'll like it

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