April 2008 Ride of the Month Applications

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ROTM applications for April 2008. Please complete all of the required fields on the application or you will be disqualified. The deadline for submissions is the 15th. Voting will start on the 15th and go to the end of the month.

The winner will receive a lanyard, a set of decals or stickers, their car featured in the website header as well as a desktop calendar for that particular month.

Please complete the application below.

Note, users must have at least 50 posts to enter. Please upload a photo of your exterior, interior and engine, mod list and other required information on the application.


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good luck to all that enter

got traction

i rock the sohc
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trying to submit my car, but its giving me a error message :what:


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yea i get error messsage tooo! gay

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