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since I'm getting my civic back I'm thinking about doing an audio upgrade. the hu I'd like a touch screen and I'd like to replace the 4 speakers. what brands are still good to replace my factory stuff. not looking to win any shows or break the bank just be better than dual junk and such. just upgrade what's there and maybe add a 10" later.

All about budget buddy... iv always used mb quart for mids n highs and JL subs but not cheap...

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jl subs are the only subs that go in my vehicles. jl 10" are my favorite size. anyway I do alot of audio on the side but due to my "customers" being ignorant more than me. I don't suggest or get the stuff for them. they buy what they can afford and I install it and they get the quality of parts they paid for. so I've been out of the loop for a while on what brands are still decent. 3 dual units this year 2 were total junk one was sketchy but I already knew they were junk. I've done 2 pioneers 1 Kenwood and 2 clarion. the one pioneer was perfect the other one the Bluetooth died. the Kenwood hu was perfect. and the 2 clarion were perfect. atm I'm debating on a Kenwood or pioneer touchscreen hu. the clarion double dins I want are pushing the budget. as far as speakers and subs I've done 1 jl sub setup and 2 bazooka setups. speakers I've only done 2 pioneers setups and 1 infinity setup. the 2 door and 2 rear deck speakers in not sure what I should go with. I was looking at a set of Rockford speakers but the only thing I have to go on is reviews.

I've had too many people complain about the price or quality of the parts I chose for them based on thier price range. so I gave up doing the research for them and let them buy what they want.
Ive been going with rockford fosgate lately. Ive got a 12" rockford fosgate p2 sub in a ported box with a rockford fosgate prime r500x1D mono amp. Its been awhile since i put it in but i think im running it at 2 ohms. Ive also got a kenwood single din head unit and i love it. I cant speak for the double din as i have never owned one. Shop around on prices though and do your research on whatever you decide on getting.
ya I've been poking around checking reviews and such. even those junk dual hu have a 4 star rating now so it's kinda hard to gauge what's junk and what's good anymore.
I try to stay away from star ratings and go by personal recomendations or look up youtube reviews of the products by people who know what they are talking about and not just get people who are like "yeh looks good and its cheap, would recomend" find someone who compares it to other products they have had or installed. Someone who gives both posative and negative points on it, and someone who gives in-depth reasoning as to why its good or bad. That would be my best suggestion.
Like yourself, I didn't want to go on a crazy spending spree for audio, but wanted something decent. I ended up going for Nakamichi splits, 6x9's, 4ch amp, and 8" subwoofer/amp, matched with a Fusion headunit which I already had. The results have astounded me, easily surpassing my expectations...exceptional clarity, nice mid-range, and the bass has a lot more kick than you'd expect. Amazing bang for your buck! :D

Are you kidding, thats one of the best brands out, what kind of crackhead deal did you get on those??
Hahahahaha!!! Yeah it's awesome equipment and sounds soooooo good, and the crazy thing is it's substantially less than the cost of all the other top brand stuff like Alpine, etc. They definitely fly under the radar here.

Living in the Oceana region occasionally has it's perks for my build. You can find plenty of Nakamichi stuff on (the Aussie version), but I bought my setup through a local company here in Melbourne who I've dealt with for many years...if you ask nicely, I'm pretty certain they'd post to the USA hehe! Here's the link mate. ;)
I found the nakamichi na1600s touchscreen on eBay for 149. they are sold out on that website but they want almost 100 more. I've never heard of them before. I'll do some surfing later on thier products. I like the specs on that hu but never heared about them ill have to look around.
so apparently the scoop on nakamichi.
they went bankrupt back in 02 or something and completely stopped doing car audio. supposedly 05 too 2010 or so thier car audio started again with very mixed reviews. recently they have been back on the upward slope on quality. I may pick up the na1600 then.
Nakamichi were a BIG player in the top echelon of home audio for a very, very long time, so it's fair to say they've got a solid grasp on what they're doing. I've had their audio gear in my old Porsche 944 and TJ Jeep Wrangler, never had any issues, excellent "bang for your buck" and high quality sound, excellent lows mids and'd be hard-pressed to do better IMO. In a small car like the Civic, the results are seriously impressive. ;)

I should also mention that all of the speakers I bought are a confirmed fit behind factory grilles so are hidden out of sight and allows a clean "factory look".

Before: (Previous owner's!)

After: (Things done properly, and reclaims the boot space, hehe!)



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You can't go wrong with Kenwood for head units. Polk Audio is the best for speakers IMO.

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