Authentic JDM Type-R Valve Cover Honda Civic / Integra Type-R VTEC Red Cover


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Hi Everyone
Selling is a new product
Item for sale: BNIB JDM EK9 DC2 valve cover(rocker cover)
Price: $195 + shipping
Condition: Brand new

Payment : Paypal
This is a REAL OEM JDM part,the US version is a bit different,there is no H in the centre for the US specs
Suitable for all B series DOHC Vtec motors. As found in the Civic EK9 and Integra DC2

Here are the pics

I am back =)
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I had a Civic once.
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Damn, I would have 100% picked this up a few years ago when I still had my Civic.

Welcome back, and GLWS!

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