Autocross at Luzerne Community College?


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99CivicSiBrian said:

There's the link. Anyone else attending? I'll be there but I have to drive about 120 miles from Lancaster, and I'm going from the Auto-X to visit family for a few days so I'll have luggage and such.
Who's in?
Ok I went and didn't see anyone I knew. I got 2nd place I think. It was a good time but I saw alot more weaknesses in my car. It's depressing but I'll get it there.


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f**k, wish I knew about this, I'm from nepa like 5 miles from the school.


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Blahman240 said:
f**k, wish I knew about this, I'm from nepa like 5 miles from the school.

We at the NEPA SCCA region use the LCCC Lot E alot. I believe we have another 2 events there.

We welcome anyone who wants to come and specatate or and encourage to try it at least once. To run you have to pass a basic car tech, fee is $30 for non members, $25 for SCCA members. If you dont have a helmet, you can borrow one. We just hold your license untill you give it back. We are all really friendly and love when new guys show. If you come, and you have questions, just ask an if we dont know we will find out for ya.

next 2 events at LCCC are

09/03/06 - Points race
10/21/06 - Non-Points race

8:30am to 9:30am: Registration, Tech Inspection, and Course Walks
9:45am: The REQUIRED Driver's Meeting (all drivers must attend)
10:00am: The first car is off the line!

Maybe we will catch you guys at the next event....