'Ay from Tennessee

Hi, everyone. My name's Jordan (I'm a FEMALE even though I have a dude's name), I'm 21 and, as the title discloses, I'm from Tennessee (the eastern region).
I've owned my 2007 NHBP Si sedan for a few months now. Funding is low, so the only modifications are bronze painted Si wheels and a red H steering wheel badge (front & rear red Honda badges on the way)! I've got big plans for her. HID's and yellow fogs at Christmas, drop early next spring, Greddy SE exhaust system, Mugen front/rear lips and side skirts, CAI, etc.
I'm researching a lot of 8th generation cars on here and getting ideas. Input is appreciated!
Oh, and be nice. (:


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welcome, post pics, get ready for the leg humpers

Ohh, leg humpers. Down boy, down! haha
And thanks, guys. Will do! As soon as the weather is pretty enough to take some, that is. They'll be up in the 8th Gen. showoff thread, though there isn't really much to show off just yet. :(

I'm not dipping out - promise! I'm busy with work & college.
I can hang with a bunch of guys. What I can't hang with is people stereotyping me to plaster my car in some ricer mods and butterfly decals because I'm a...wait for it...GIRL. I'm such a guy when it comes to these things, trust me. Pics soon!
I won't start an actual "showoff thread" just yet, but here are some teaser shots until I can get some cash monies to do a little more to her.

Couple of body shots. Baha, body shots...

Some "dramatic angles to make my car look cooler."

Thank you, I'm pretty fond of them myself. =) Some people tend to frown upon painted wheels, I guess because it's a cheap solution. Wheels are at the bottom of my priority list, so much so that I haven't even looked for any.


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The painted wheels are win. Very clean. s**t, I painted my wheels. There's no shame in spending $8 for the spray paint if it looks how you want it. I'd run with the gold/black and try to find some gold emblems even if just for the time being. Welcome.