AZ honda sale

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was gonna try n build a second hatch but i think i just dont have it in me anymore

these are some left over parts, i know i have more this is just what i have pics of on hand so i should be adding here n there

im located in tucson, AZ

i have vouches from this board and others if you need them or more pics or anything concerning anything you see please just ask

im not on here as much so feel free to email me for a quicker response


ARC super induction w/ the re-usable filter and elbow

asking $400 +paypal/shipping

i've polished it up since that pic, and the only other shot i have is midway through the process but its better than nothing but here it is so you get the idea

96-98 burberry hood bra

bnib test fit once in my drive way

fitment is money, actual pics

asking $100 +shippng/paypal

mint ek tweeters

asking $40 +paypal/shipping

sirens rated 128db each 3 available

bnib i connect one to a battery to hear is thats all

$10 each +shipping/paypal

also have some wheels

Sprint Hart Dunlop CPRs in white 16x7 +46/+40

w/ yokohoma s drives 195/40/16

good condition, i wouldn't call them mint but see pics below

asking $2,500 +paypal/shipping

most recent pic on my car kinda hard to see

better pic from my old hatch

the day i pulled them out of the closet after sittin for 3/4yrs (about 2 months ago)

Work Meister S1 fresh gloss black powder coat inside n out

16x8 +33 *MINT*

no tires

asking $1,500 +paypal/shipping

wheels together

98 spec itr center caps sold 12/12/11 pornstar4777 NWP
mugen active gate kit sold 11/30/11 JDMeK4cOuPe NWP
2 honda blanks sold 10/12/11 LikeAboss HT
regular trunk light sold 10/12/11 The Collin HT
vti cluster sold 10/12/11 Habmx AZHT
bride registration + last blank sold 10/13/11 JDMTramp09 AZHT
antenna block off + 1 LED sold 10/13/11 GarageBuilt AZHT
ek4 mirrors sold 10/15/11 1121 AZHT
ek4 clock + trunk light sold 10/17/11 mgs1098 HT
spacers sold 10/17/11 SlowLS AZHT
roof console sold 10/19/11 b20joe AZHT


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$48 sent as gift or you cover paypal fee (total $1.65)

i'll make sure to throw in the wiring diagram for it as well

you wont find it cheaper


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I'm going to pass on the clock.
I kind of wanted it, but it's knick-knack novelty item I'd like to have but don't really need, especially if I plan on selling the car next year.
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