B16 type r internals vs b18c1?

I was just curious to who u all think would win. The b16 is in a 93 hatch
The b18 is in a 97 coupe. I know their are alot if variables, but I'm meaning if all of them are the same. I.e- same driver, good launch, food shifts

12.8:1 Ls/vtec

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bench racing. Everyone loses /thread.


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OP is a ricer.

I remember when I was 15 I used to think of two cars and try and guess who'd win.


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This should be in off-topic IMO.
Maybe then you wouldn't get flamed about it.

Anyway, if you want my answer I don't know enough about either of those engines to give you one.
Sorry :/
Lol we actually race though. It's just fun to guess when your bored. I'm pretty sure it's not rice though my car looks stock so does the 93. it's not like either one of us is bragging in who would win. That would make it rice. Race Inspired Cosmetic Enthusiast.. Def not me

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