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Hello all,

Is it possible for 1 stock B16A2 to be quicker than another stock B16A2? Both with same mileage and full service history at correct intervals. My B16A2 is actually faster than my friends. I Know what you are all thinking its the driver right! Wrong! When we swap cars and he gets in mine to race and vica versa - he beats me? My car is stock (not for long now) and so is his? Can anyone answer that? Do these VTi's need to be driven hard for a while to 'open up' or free up in a way? Could it be that his has not been driven in the Vtec much and mine has?? Any suggestions??

Also i want to ask about Hydrolock - do the stock resonators on my civic B16A2 stop water from enetering my engine - I have been helped alot by people on this site (thanks again to you - you know who you are) who say that the stock airbox with drop in filter, spoon elbow and resonators removed gives best power gains. Will this give the same side effect as having an AEM cold air intake - the risk of hydrolock?

Please feel free to let me know,

Cheers guys,


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well when i first got my Coupe EX it was dead slow until i kept taking it to vtec and i think it unblocked anything that was clogged up in the engine (because the previous owner was a old woman i dont think she knows what vtec is) and now my ex beats my frends 1 wen his used 2 beat mine


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every motor is different. as in compression, and carbon build up and such


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yeap, keeping it tuned up, and opening up once in a while is healthy for the engine, as well as how the engine broke in during the break-in process.

a brand new b16 in a new car probably wont run as efficent as one that has maybe 50,000 miles because it hasn't broken in.

and then you get into how well the parts are, like pumps, transmission fluid/condition, so many factors, that are hard to calculate.


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it would be impossible to blame it on one thing. theres so many variables that are involved.