B18a1 OBD1 Swap into 00 Civic Dx


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Alright im pretty sure everyones been asking alot of questions about this swap and posted but ive been reading alot and finding answers but some answers im still curious about. I put together a whole list of what i will try to be getting and what i think i need below. This is gonna be my first time doing a swap for my car so i want everything done right the first time. Im gonna take time to build this motor so its not gonna be a 1 month swap.

The motor that i have is a B18a1 OBD1 came off of a 93 integra. Which is going into my 00 Honda Civic DX OBD2.

Tell me what u think about my list if its right or wrong and what else i would need. I have the questions on my list once u take a look at it. It would be great if they all can be answered!!!

Things I already have:
-B18a1 Block
-B18a1 head
Things I need:
-ECU P75 OBD2 96-00 Integra LS
-Harness- DX harness, you'll have to extend the TPS/MAP sensor plug, and re-pin the IACV<-- I read this on a forum is this true?
-Exhaust Manifold(Megan)<-- 92-93 or 94-01 headers which do i need to fit my car?
-Exhaust(Greddy EVO2)
-B Series Hydro Clutch and flywheel(ACT)
-B Series Hydro Transmission
-Intake Manifold(Skunk2)
-Throttle Body(Skunk2)<--Does it matter what kind of B-Series Stock TB im using if i dont get the skunk2 TB?
-New Gaskets
-Spark Plugs and Wires(NGK)
-Distributor<-- Do i need the b18a1 dist.?
-Alternator<-- Do i need the b18a1 alt.?
-Mounts(Innovative)<-- If i go cheap instead of innovative mounts, which stock mounts would i need?
-Power steering pump (cuz it didnt come with it)
-Axles(Hasport): 90-01 Integra/99-00 Si
-Shift Linkage: 94-01 Integra/99-00 Si

Im pretty sure i went through everything i needed if not please comment. and im sure this will be a great help for alot of other ppl doing this swap cuz its all on one post.=)