B18b Swap Into 91 EF ECU Questions

Im Swapping A B18B into my EF 91(OBDO)
i know i have to make it into OBD1
But What ECU do i use?
Do i use the PR4 or The P75?
or will either work?

and can some one explain to me the process of making it into OBD1 from OBDO

Please and Thank You


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so alot of thing can factor in your decision.... pr4 would probably be your best bet cause u wont be running the crank angle sensor and you wont be runn ing the large air flo sensor ontop the intake so i would go pr4. the p75 obd2 evu you probably wont be able to find a jumper harness to run it, you would have to jump obd0 to obd2..... pr4 would be best bet. obd1 alot less to worry about and much more simple to run and tune..

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