b18b1 swap 02 and cfs problems


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ok so i have a 99 ex civic sedan, i have a b18b1 swapped i was running a jumper harness to obd1 so i wouldnt have to run the second 02 sensor or the cfs sensor. i am now going to bar this swap so i need help with these issues. i have some major confusiion going on. i am now using the civic stock harness with a obd2b to obd2a jumper, i know i have to wire the 02 sensor into the engine harness but do i wire it in on the jumper or on the engine harness itself? second question is the crank fluctuation sensor, the stock harness has a circular single wire clip, the engine has a square two wire clip. can i just take a spare clip i have and repin the engine side and pin and run second wire to a ground on the harness side? i have also seen the cfs bypass on ffs technet but same question with 02 sensor do i perform this on the jumper harness or do i do it on the engine harness itself... im running out of time for this conversion i need to bar on friday.. any help is greatly appreciated! thank you