B20 Vtec, B16B, B16, or GSR?


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Hey guys my first post here. Im looking to buy a 95 Civic. What engine would you prefer and why? Is the B20 Vtec better then B16 or a GSR? I saw a nice Civic for 3800 with a JDM B16B(2000) with LSD Transmission. The engine has under 110KM and guy guy has all paper work. Swaped by a professional garage. What do you guys think? :???:


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Depends on your budget really. I'm sorry but I think B16B's are a waste of money. Spend less and get a B18C. B20VTEC's are great motors if you can build them to be reliable and take a beating. You can make an LSVTEC too. I think H2B's are underestimated.