Back to Car Hunting *sad face*

So the 2000 Civic coupe that I had was totaled in a rear-end collision last month (no fault of mine). I'm alive so I'm happy, just banged up. So now I'm back to car hunting as the title suggests. Loved that car. Learned about maintenance and the car I learned how to drive a manual on. Had recently put a new clutch in too and only had about 177k on the dash. Debating if I wanna go back to 6 gen, 7th gen coupe, 8th gen sedan (looks wise over the coupe), CRX (gas mileage & looks purposes), or an Accord (not sure of the year tho). Only requirement is that it has to be a manual.

Haven't really searched yet, but are the 7th & 8th gen as easy to work on? And any years on of the above to avoid?

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