Bad Rocker arms?


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Whats up guys. I have a 96 spec GSR swap only has exhaust and CAI and its been making a loud ticking noise coming from the head its more noticable when im driving not so much at idle . Thought the valves needed adjusted went through and checked and they were all within spec did i compression check and that checked out too. So I'm now thinking rocker arm but I dont want to just throw parts at it so is there a way you can diagnose a bad rocker arm? Any help is greatly appreciated


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Yes you can measure the rocker arms to ensure they are within service limits. If they are not, start replacing the necessary components.
Can you post a video of the noise so we can get a better understanding of exactly what you are hearing.

Your initial analysis was spot on for valve adjustment as this is typical for Hondas to be inspected and adjust every 50-60k miles or so. I personally do it every 5k on the racecar and 15-20k on the dailys.