Battery suddenly died


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2015Civic LX Canadian, 4 dr. sedan w 1.8 L and CRT. 34,000 kms (21,126 miles).
Worked well during recent 2 wk cold snap ( minus 20 F. ) Relatively warm night was 14 F.

Car started and drove 4 miles to gym, 1 mile to Walmart, then long way around (35 miles) at 60 mph to other side of town and returned to local coffee shop. Veh. was shut down and radio turned on at each stop. Went into coffee shop for filters... 10 minutes max. Car was shut off and radio on. Came out and noticed park lights on... most or all of dash warning lights were on. Shut everything off and discovered battery was dead. Only 4-ways worked. Dash lights would flicker very briefly but no crank - not even starter chatter. Battery cables were tight. I have not removed them to clean terminals yet.

CAA tried boost and car immediately started. Drove home and kept veh. running, then made return trip (120 miles at 70 mph) to Halifax. 20 miles of stop and go in City before return trip. Car has worked fine for past 2 days.

Wondering how fully charged battery could go dead so quickly. U-tube suggested A/C compressor relay can do this in some Hondas.
We live in a moderately cold climate (minus 14 F to minus 5 F ) for next six weeks.
Suggestions where to start looking for battery drain?


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UPDATE: Pulled 51F (400 CCA) stock battery and trickle chg'd at 2 amps for six hours. Battery tested at 13.4 volts immediately following charge. Within 2 hrs. chg. had dropped back to 12.7 v. Sooo... battery is just about worn out. Perhaps original from 2015? No installation date of any sort on battery. Surprise to me it was conventional lead/acid with covers - something I'd expect from 2004. Plan to fit an "Automatic Battery Protector" 'battery jump pack'. Runs about $100 Cdn. at the dealer. Haven't looked elsewhere for prices. An Accord battery and battery box will be fitted as soon as possible. The Accord battery is a 24F (&00 CCA). The 2015 Civic is a real electricity Hog! 400 CCA is marginal in a warm climate for this car. Our Maritime climate can easily be -25 F. Add mostly stop and go trips, an old battery, and I don't wonder the poor thing gave up with no warning. Opinions around fitting analog volt/amp gauge combo to track battery condition?

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