Best tires to fit 17's

I have 17's on my car with low pros and they have been worn on the inside and outside of the tire. What are the best low pros that are good on wet and dry roads?


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Just out of curiosity, why do you have such a big (and probably very heavy) wheel on a small car? If you care about performance you're hurting it.

As far as tires go, do you want all seasons or are these going to be strictly summer tires? The reason why I ask is because you can drive summer tires during the winter since you guys barely see any snow but I wouldn't recommend driving on summer tires below 40-50º F.

A lot of people have chosen Nitto Neo Gen's or Khumo AST/ASX's as far as all-season goes. The ASX is ranked as a class higher than the AST on tirerack, but the difference may not be noticeable.
I bought the car with them, it really don't look that bad. Yeah where I live snow is like nothing lol. Seasonal well be great though, it does get hot and very cold had problems with the air leaking out when it was cold. Shoot as slow as the speed limit is here it's more like crusing lol. Well the rims aren't to heavy though can pick up with ease. Thank you for helping wont be long until I need new ones!