Black Magic's 2014 Build

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Black Magic's 2014 Build (Civic / TSX)

What's up ya'll,

I used to be active on here time ago, but as work and studying took over my life for a few years I fell of the grid. But now I can finally afford to start dropping dime on some toys now that I have pretty much all my debt paid off so I'll probably become more active.

I currently drive a relatively stock 99 Civic sedan, but I'm interested in buying a new car in the spring. The only cars I'll consider are (in order of preference):
- Acura TSX
- Lexus IS 300
- Lexus IS 250
- BMW E46 330 sedan
- Audi A4

My old civic which some of you may recognize is long gone now, but this was it:

As you can probably tell, I'm a sucker for sedans. I really have a thing for the first gen TSX. I was looking for one this past summer, but I'm extremely picky about what I'm looking for and I didn't find anything that knocked my socks off. Anyone have any experience with the above cars? I could really use your feedback.

For the Civic, I'm really looking for opinions on what to do performance-wise for the engine. Other than a decent set of wheels, the only exterior mods I'm interested in are tint, sir lip, oem spoiler and HID retrofit.

For the engine, I was originally thinking of swapping out the old d16 for a b16a2. Honestly though, although it's a fine engine I feel like it's a bit over-rated.

My other options would be a b20vtec, b18c jdm type r or b18c5. Would also consider a gsr motor or maybe a k20.

I'm leaning most towards a b20vtec. The ITR motors are great, but I'd like to keep the option of boost open in the future so I feel like it'd be a waste to go with one of those. So that also leaves the gsr and k20.

In terms of power, Ideally I'm looking for something around 200-220 hp all motor for now, but keeping the option open for closer to 300hp boosted. Obvious mods would be to rebuild the head, intake and exhaust.

What do you all think? Looking for opinions because I don't have my mind set on anything related to the engine or tranny yet.


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Personally, I'd go with either the 330 or the A4. I've driven a number of 330's and they are fun. If you can get an awd A4, that'd be my next choice. IMO, TSX is a very boring car. FWD and not all that great on power. Just a fancy Accord if you ask me. I hate Lexus, I used to work for Toyota. To me, the IS* is just a fancy Camry. At least it's rwd but still, not good enough for me lol.

As far as motor for your Civic, K series is the only one worth the time IMO.

Just my '02.


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I always liked the IS F. If you want some torque why not look into doing a k24 swap. A little more pricey than the B but definitely worth it.

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IS-F is a beauty buy way out my price range.

Everyone and their mother has been telling me to get a K. I'm gonna do some more research and if I can find one for ~3k is good shape maybe I will.

I worry about the low dipping oil pan and steep angle of the axels when it's in an EK chasis though


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I do work for Lexus. stay away from the IS250, any year, period... the IS300 is great, handles excellent... only issues are, it's a bit slow stock, the ones with manual transmissions, the transmission is a very tall geared Tacoma transmission, also stock front ball joints and caster bushings last about 60k miles or less and tires last as little as 15k miles on stock suspension with stock alignment settings.
I've owned two bmw's, stock bmw rubber parts degrade quickly. They're otherwise great to drive.
I like driving audi's, but I hate working on them. I'd never own one.

3k for a K20 or K24 can be found, but then there's all the other parts you need for the swap.... they get expensive.


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:welcome: back!

As an owner of an Audi A4, I love the car, but it's a pain in the ass to mod. If you have the mod bug, avoid it. As far as a great, reliable DD, it's perfect. Super comfortable, lots of luxury, good on gas mileage (I have the 2.0T, and it averages 18mpg in the city, 22-24 on the fwy), and they look and ride excellent. Also, the Symphony II+ speakers in the B7 series are amazing (6 speakers plus an 8 inch sub that beats).
My next vehicle will be a BMW 335i Coupe. If I were to urge you into one of your choices, go with the BMW. I love those cars...

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Thanks boys, I've settled on either the TSX or BWM 330i. I'll most likely end up with the TSX, but it depends on availability and price. I'm very picky in terms of the things I'm looking for.

For the Civic, I've settled on a k20. Maybe in the future I'll add a k24 block and boost. But I've decided to start with a K20 and take it from there. I'm budgeting 5k for the complete swap, installation and spraying the bay. and another 1k for random parts like retrofit, tint, lip, alarm, etc.

I plan on keeping the exhaust stock, but would like to add an e-cutout after the header/down pipe. Has anyone done this?


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Stock exhaust on a 99 sedan is would be too small for a k20, if thats what you mean. You could get custom piping and a real quiet muffler or newer civic/rsx muffler if you just want a quiet exhaust.

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