Blown Ac fan fuse


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So i got my 98 civic hatch with a d16y8 last night i was driving my uber eats order around..turned my car off. Came back turn on and there is no ac. Checked around other forums for solution but couldnt really understand them.

My problem is that when i have the key in the on position ...turn on the ac with the knob and buttons. All good. But then i start the car and the condenser kicks on the fuse blows. Any suggestions?
sounds like metal touching metal is shorting out a connection if its blowing fuses. Did you happen to modify or remove the air conditioning unit when you swapped from the Y7 or is it the stock engine? i know some guys that add aftermarket fan switches and boost controller button that if you dont do the wiring correctly everytime you press the switch it shorts out. you could also try jumping up a size in the fuse. i have a video on my youtube channel which explains wiring splicing and turn signal and switch installation good luck