Blown head gasket!!! NEED ADVICE


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Hello everyone, my 2007 Civic's head gasket recently blew. Heres a little information: my car was (obviously) overheating as i was leaving my house i turned it right around and parked it in my garage. I didn't hear any knocking sounds or ticking either. I turned it off instantly when i got home. I waited a few hours to let my engine cool down. Im inspecting everything such as the coolant reservoir. I then thought "oh okay i might just have a leak." i was releaved. then i checked the dip stick. and what do you know! i saw a coolant mixed with my oil.

the reason i am reaching out is because, i have no idea to fix it. Ive looked on youtube for videos but all that comes up is every gen up to 7th. I cant afford to get it fixed at a shop. i looked at the prices of the parts and the resurfacing of the head, and its not that bad i can do that. But i got a quote from multiple people and they all said roughly $1500.

I need to know what parts i need to buy; such as head gasket, water pump... do i replace my timing chain? my spark plugs? water pump? all that? if anyone has a link i can use to watch to figure it out that would be great! If anyone is in the Phoenix Metro area could come and help me do it all for a reasonable price that would be awesome!

Thanks everybody LMK asap!! Appreciate it!!


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