Boost Problem?


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My brother's been having problems with his civic, I'm just trying to help him find out what to do and where to start. His specs/mods are below, It's a 95 EX coupe. Heres the situation... He bought the car from a cousins friend. The engine's mileage is getting up there, he's at 157,000 miles. He's been driving it for awhile now, running 10PSI. The car always threw check engine lights when running it hard, which seem to throw it into "safety boost". All you had to do was turn the car off, and restart it and the check engine was gone. It'd take forever to get the car started though. The guy told us the ECU just needed to be reprogrammed for the turbo, so my brother had it sent out to a guy who the seller set him up with. He put the ECU in, and after some test runs, noticed it'd only allow him to boost about 8PSI, and would "sputter" and couldn't make it to 10. So he just put up with that, although now recently it's getting alot worse, it went from being able to boost down to 5, and now down to about 3. When you give it gas, it'll boost to aroud 3-5, and then sputter like it's trying to boost at the level set but can't. It's also only boosting in 1st and 2nd gear. When you're in higher gears and give it gas, once you get up to high enough RPMS, it just sputters and you don't get any boost at all. It's really quite different driving the car without boost, and not anywhere near as fun, but if anyone has any idea, please let me know. Thank you all in advance.

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