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I just installed a new master cylinder on my civic because my brake pedal kept going to the floor at red lights. Well this fixed that problem but now my pedal feels really soft. It's really easy to press but stops great. I'm not 100% sure how the pedal should feel but I'd imagine it should be a little more firm. I'm not too worried because it stops great. I bench bled the new master cylinder, and I bled the brakes immediately after installing the master cylinder. I am positive there's no air in the lines. The front brakes are pads, and the rear are drums. The pads look fine but I'm not sure about the drums. (boots, shoes, whatever) Any ideas? I also ordered this master cylinder from a seller on ebay, it's a Dorman first stop. It says it fits 1995 honda civic ex (my vehicle) and the bore size is 13/16 in inches. Could I have possibly gotten a master cylinder for my model civic with ABS? Because mine doesn't have ABS. Fitment wasn't a problem and everything went smoothly with installation.

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