Brakes pulse, shaking the steering wheel and car.


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Hello :hi:

I'm ctag, your friendly neighborhood Honda noob. I have this 98 Civic EX that got new brakes a year ago. That included rotors, pads, drums, and shoes (and wheel cylinders!). I cannot remember, but there's a small chance the brakes shook like this before doing the replacement. Anyway, right now the brakes pulsate when I'm slowing down. It's most noticeable at very low speeds, as I approach a stop the car will lurch a bit in time with the wheels turning and when it's bad, I can hear some scratching. At medium speeds (25-45mph) it's not very noticeable at all. At interstate speeds the whole car and steering wheel will shake when I apply the brakes.

The CV axles aren't the greatest. But there's none of this vibration without the brakes, and I can turn both wheels full lock without any clicking or issues.

I've tried:
  • Having the (almost brand new) rotors turned at a shop. That didn't fix anything, but the shop also wasn't very good.
  • Resetting the rear drums by brake checking hard with the handbrake. The rear drums do pulse a little bit if I apply only the hand brake.
  • re-bedding in the brakes by doing the 15 cycles of up to 40mph and then brake harder than usual. That actually seemed to work... for about 30 minutes.
Did I just get dud brakes? Is there a chance this is caused by a hub going bad? How do I tell?