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I drive a 94 civic sedan 16v 16l.....I got the car about 3 weeks then i started to have suspension problems....between the speeds of 80 to 120 km i started to hear a knocking noise under the car..... i spend a couple of bucks on...new,,drive shafts..cv's joints,,ball joints but the knocking noise was still coming from under my car....not the exhaust system,thats was clear of the body.....

I discovered after a long search the problem ...something thats not checked out on a normal service interval,,,,on th lower control arm ,{front } there are 4 bolts keeping the suspension to the strut ...the 2nd and 4th one have rubber bushes running through the lower arm, check the wear of these rubbers..if they have small cracks its ok...but if you see chafing or loose pieces thats a start of a problem that can cause ...a bumpie ride,damage your bearings ,,tyre wear,,ball joint wear,,shock wear,, check also for play by jacking the car up and lifting the wheel,,,mine could move left and right...



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