Buying a 89 civic wagon

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So im buying a 89 honda civic wagon. 800 bucks and it comes with alot of parts, only thing is it has 400xxx kms on it and thats alot. i plan too swap the motor some B20 or H22 LSD tranny who knows. but for now im gonna be using it too get too work. it drives amazing soo smooth no noises no grinds no nothin. 5 speed non AWD =/. but still fun =) The hatch that got put on has no rust so that just leaves me with quarters too do and some sanding around the body. seen the hole not big at all. Alot smaller than my other civics hole lol.

Heres the link where its getting sold

What i want too know is where can i get a front lip, i want the front bumper off a EF9 with the foglights.(heard its hard and expensive too get) I want a rear foglight or two. Roof Rack, slammed and deepdished, and most important body looking good and paint aswell. but first is first i need too know how too get these things. I havent found a lip yet =/


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whore up google, craigslist, local forums, honda forums, model specific foums are a good place to start. also your local salvage yard may have some of the things you're looking for

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Seen a wagon site i searched that s**t good but no good. and now i cant find the dam site lol But thanks i'll keep creeping