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I've been thinking about changing my suspension to something better.
I'm looking for a drop that will eliminate the wheel gap between the fender and top of tire. It's something I do not even want.
As of right now.
I am running 215/35/18 tires.
Before anyone says anything I know I'm not suppose to run 18 at all but I did it anyways. I got one hell of a deal so I said f*ck it
Now I'm looking at the wheel gap elimination and comfort. I am not look for a bumpy ass ride because where I live all the roads are messed up so bumpy is not what I am looking for. It is a DD so I use it everyday for work.
Now the real question is what I looking at. Budget is not really a problem. I'm looking mostly at comfort with the drop of no gap. What do you guys suggest. I was thinking of running skunk2's cpilover set up but am not sure how comfortable it is. So insight on suspension information would also be nice. Ie. Spring rate means? And basics. I never looked into it and the set up I have now are just tien springs with stock shocks. So yeah. Lemme know what your guy's suggestions are.
Also. Changing the rims is not an option. They were a gift so filthy have setimental value that I will not give up.
Thanks in advance.


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Have fun dropping on 18's with no finger gap. You'll more than likely have to notch/remove your fender liners and roll your fenders. The lower profile of the tire, the more it makes for a more uncomfortable ride. Which contradicts the fact that you want a comfortable ride....

I think you'll need to lower around 2-2.5" to lose the wheel gap. If budget isn't a problem, get Koni/GC coilovers with low rates.


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Read this:

If you want a comfortable ride, I'd avoid the Skunk2 coiloves. They have rather high spring rates and the shocks are valved to accmodate them. Makes for quite a rough ride and I've read more negative comments regarding ride comfort than positive ones. This is subjective though.

I'll agree with JohnS. OTS (off the shelf) Ground-Control coilovers have spring rates that should allow you to lower your car enough to get rid of the gap. Though I suggest not going any lower since those springs won't be stiff enough and you'll be putting some wear on your shocks, or slam you bump stops all the time.

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