Can lowering cause damage?


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Not damage as in like scraping your exhaust,lip, side skirts and etc. Can lowering your car really low cause damage to the frame and shock towers and anything? I want to run slammed to the point that sparks ALMOST fly but I don't want to seriously damage the car.

This is probably a stupid question...


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yes. my tie rods are bent down and my control arms are through my strut towers from slamming on them. riding dumped = damage


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alot of it is the roads you travel on, Id slam my s*** to the ground but memphis/west memphis has terrible "roads" which I dont understand it doesnt get terribly cold in the winter to tear s*** up. Guess not enough money to maintain them since its all stolen and all the embezzlment
Lowering you car to a slammed position really can cause alot of damage to all of the suspension parts. Mechanics say that since your stock suspension is made to fit stock height, anything you do to lower the car even a 1/2" is putting strain on the other parts of the suspension like the tie rods, control arms and such because they are designed to perform a certain way.
I actually had a IS300 slammed to the ground on cheap springs and i went through tires every 3 months because the camber was so bad, outer tie rods because the springs didnt hold up to good and other problems as well.

Point of my story- GET GOOD NAME BRAND SUSPENSION parts

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