Car/mobile device tracking systems/Security systems


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Hi. Being that my last civic was stolen and stripped for parts, I started looking into gps mobile tracking systems for my new 95 civic. I have a friend with an extra infinity remote start alarm that he is willing to give me. I was looking at the Drone Mobile tracking system but it looks like you need to have the Compustar alarm to sync it with plus it is a $120/year fee on top of the $199 for the Drone and $150 Compustar alarm + $200 for authorized installation. So $550 +$120/year. Viper is the same but $100 more and I think a higher yearly fee.

What I want to be able to do is
a) Be instantly notified on my iPhone when the alarm goes off.
b) Be able to track the exact location of the car, in case it is stolen.

My question is, is there a tracking device that can do this that I can sync with the Infinity alarm and to my phone in order to be notified when the alarm goes off and where the exact location of the car is? Also if it is possible to avoid monthly/yearly fees and if I could install it myself that would be great.

I'm not necessarily trying to drop $550 + 120/year on an alarm and tracking device when I can get an alarm for free and risk not being able to track it for $0. At the same time I have put some $ into the car already and if it is stolen which I know these cars are commonly it would be nice to be notified right away and to be able to track it. I use a club and am going to install a kill switch so with that + an alarm I am thinking I'll probably be alright. Kinda would like to have the tracking system just in case or in case a thief tries to tow it. I feel like if I am instantly notified then no matter what I can get to the car right away as long as I am close and if not then I can track it which should highly reduce any possible theft. $550 +$120/year is just a little steep. Does anyone know of better/cheaper options?

Much thanks!