Car stolen!

Got the car stolen from Alhambra CA
Parts that stand out is the custom powder coated DATUM1 subframe brace, ummm o yea the front end is smashed, so yea.

this is the license plate

these are the rims with green sickspeed lugs

The custom powder coated DATUM1 brace

i didnnt take pics of the front since the accident had just happened like 2 days ago
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its going to be pretty hard to identify if we dont have a picture to go by.


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sorry to hear that man, I hope you get it back


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That sucks to hear.

In all honesty though, the pics you posted are of stuff that is more than likely gone. In the best case, they just took the car for a joy ride. Worst case, they stripped it and you will find it on blocks somewhere. Harsh, but reality.

Here's to getting it back safe and sound. :beer:


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damn if thats the second time maybe its time to get out of the honda game... I'd be so pissed and heartbroken.
Yea man this time from the drive way , it had just been in a car crash on Thursday night early Friday morning due to some jackass who lost control, then yesterday I came home from work and it was gone they drove it off the side walk cuz my dads Volvo blocks it from getting out of the drive way there are scratch marks and tire marks. Idk really like what's the point of going through all that hassle for a few parts and a wrecked car? Thieves are just a waste of human space!

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Sorry man hope you get it back in one piece
The Whittier police just called me saying they found it. Idk the condition it's in yet but I won't be surprised, and Dexter them? Idk haven't seen the series but if that means murder them slowly as they watch and then after sending them back to the families in huge acid filled barrels then yes Dexter them till my hearts content. Hmph

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soo whats up with the " i am here" thingy with a link to exactly where you live and where your car is at? thats just asking for someone to steal your car, i think you should take it off, but its too late, everyone knows where to find your car now :roll:
This second time taken no real work had been done yet i had the motor and tran swap in the garage hadn't had time for it and umm they took the rear deck trim, the radio, one rim, a trunk x brace a c pillar bar and I think that's it, o and my battery.

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